Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Why Patriarchy

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Very big Question mark


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Lusaka entered from the South. These Mamoths where all built when Zambia was booming from Copper profits. The companies that built them have since collapsed and they remain dry and rundown.

With the rise in copper prices and renewed consumer confidence in the zambian economy, many observers are beginning to hope for economic revival

Ku Town

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The majority of Zambian workers will travel to their places of work in Public buses. overcrowded and disrespected by the conductors, they sit idly till their next bus stop. The concept of consumer satisfaction does not exhist here.


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A typical Zambian dawn in the poverty stricken townshps. pictured here is the area around Misisi a compound near the greater City of Lusaka.
Massive unemployment has given rise to the informal sector. Many households are left to fend for themselves by selling low value goods, with their meagre gains, they hardly manage to have a meal a day let alone afford rentals for shops.

Pictured here, these venders have no choice but to sell teir goods on a rail line with no fear for the hazards.


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The sunsets over a defunct rail line as a communication tower cuts through the sky heralding the end of the old and birth of the new.
Somwhat eery, time will tell wether replacing traditional communication methods will benefit the majority of people.